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Real Estate

Take advantage of the Matterport technology to stand out from competitors and provide your clients with the selling and buying experience they expect and deserve.

Attract potential buyers who are serious about a purchase, virtual tours help prevent the speculative buyer who is only interested in having a look.

Give customers the confidence to make an offer. A virtual tour allows for the peer support needed, especially for first time buyers. Buyers can show their friends and family the property without the need for multiple viewings.

The all in one solution will increase positive engagement and will get you noticed as a real estate professional.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

The Matterport 3D scanning system is a fast and reliable way to provide accurate building documentation saving time, increasing accuracy and streamlining workflow.

Buildings can be captured "As-built" allowing for detailed walkthroughs to be viewed by multiple stakeholders, in different locations together.

OBJ files can be generated and point clouds produced for further "as-built" documentation.

Reflected ceiling images and dimensioned floorplans available

Communicate milestones and share progress updates easily

Export your point cloud into ReCap® or Revit® for further workflow, modelling and modifying.

Replace thousands of photos by capturing all imagery data at once eliminating return visits and travel time.

Travel and Hospitality

Give your guests and potential bookings the ability to have a look around, check out the seating and tables. They can browse a menu during the tour or book a specific room because of the view from the window or a table in a restaurant, having been there virtually before.

Virtual tours for the hospitality industry can increase web engagement, increase conversions to bookings and allow you to embed images of speciality dishes or unique guest experiences within the tour.

It allows event planners such as those wishing to host a party, conference or wedding to experience the facilities and get a feel for the place without even being there.

Education & Training

Having a digital twin of your School, College, University or private training facility allows your learners to preview the site before enrolling helping alleviate start of term nerves.

It allows potential new learners to have a look at the facilities, view pre-recorded interactions with teachers and the ability to embed online application forms. 

It allows entire key stages and school years to all interact with the same tour at their own pace, but at the same time. Imaging learners being able to view a museum in Scotland from their classroom in Cornwall. The possibilities are endless!

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